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Online LLM Delaware Corporate Law & Finance

The Widener Law Institute of Delaware Corporate & Business Law is pleased to offer an entirely online version of our Master of Laws (LLM) in Delaware Corporate Law and Finance. A qualified student from anywhere in the world with a reliable Internet connection can now earn an LLM in Delaware corporate law entirely online from Widener Law, the only law school in the state of Delaware.

Open to Foreign Attorneys and American JD Graduates
This online corporate LLM program is ideally suited for foreign business lawyers and law graduates from around the world who wish to pursue or enrich their business law career.  We seek students from a diversity of perspectives and our courses are deigned to benefit those in government, industry or private practice.  The online LLM program allows students to advance their expertise in Delaware corporate law without the expense and disruption of relocating to the United States. Although the program is geared toward foreign attorneys, American students with a JD degree are eligible to apply for admission into the online corporate LLM program.

Learn Delaware Corporate Law Online from America’s Corporate Capital
There is no better place to pursue an online corporate LLM than through the Delaware campus of Widener Law and its Institute of Delaware Corporate and Business Law. Delaware, America’s unofficial “corporate law capital,” is the legal home to more than 50% of all U.S. publicly-traded companies and 63% of the Fortune 500. Our experienced full time and adjunct faculty have devoted their professional careers to the study and practice of Delaware corporate law. Students in our online corporate LLM program will learn Delaware corporate law from knowledgeable experts who have participated in many of the cutting edge cases and high-profile transactions that have contributed to Delaware corporate law’s rich history and ever growing significance. Students will also benefit from periodic online guest lectures by eminent Delaware judges whose opinions have shaped the principles of corporate governance on which practitioners and advisors around the world rely.

Two great campuses.
Countless paths to success.
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Harrisburg Campus:
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