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Our goals are to meet the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs of the individual by providing:

Transitional Housing - room with bed and dresser, Adult Literacy Training, Community Referrals,
Food Cupboard, Emergency Food Program, Weekly Drug and Alcohol Support Groups, Weekly Bible Study, Sunday Morning Service, and Welfare-to-Work Job Placement Training, Chaste Women of God women's ministry.

Homeless Outreach Ministry
Pastor Leon Pace and his wife, Sheila work together as our Homeless Outreach Ministers. Together in the Lord, they are committed to reaching out to Philadelphia's homeless to spread the Word of the Lord and to minister to individuals.  Every Sunday their driver picks them up and brings them to the church for services and a shower. They are given bath supplies and a change of clothes, too.

Open Hand Transitional Housing
The actual structure of the facility is a three story building, which affords a huge range of space to cover several projects and needs at one time. Word of Deliverance Fellowship Ministries is not a rehab, it is the next step after rehab and the step before living totally independently and may not be suitable for everyone. Word of Deliverance Fellowship Ministries, under the direction of Pastors Leon and Sheila Pace, is committed to helping residents with similar backgrounds as themselves. If you need such a ministry, we are here to help.

Community Service
Each resident will be given the opportunity to reach out to the community in service when we give out emergency food. This serves as a two-fold benefit. It helps individuals in need and affords our residents the opportunity to give back to society as part of their healing process.

Food Programs
Our food programs consist of The Emergency Food Program, Superfood Cupboard, Information on Healthy Eating, Information on Healthy Cooking, Nutritional Information, and Further Educational Classes.

Good Work Habit Promotion & Development
We afford the resident the opportunity to develop good work habits and assist them in working with people from all walks of life which, also enables the individual the opportunity to learn first-hand knowledge of what ministry is all about. There is always something to do and the rewards greatly benefit the resident. What they put into it is directly proportional to what benefits they receive. Each potential resident will determine his needs and goals based on his personal history and view of himself. Staff will assist resident in identifying these needs and goals based on information given.

Neighborhood Orientation
Each resident is given a small tour of the city upon the their second day in the house. This familiarizes them with the transit system, Health Clinic, library, Laundromat, and hospitals in the immediate area.

Case Management
Help is provided to assist them in obtaining documents necessary for employment. Calls are made to job referrals and help is given to set up interviews. An assessment is made by us on whether they are a good fit for the job being sought.

On Site Church
Attached to our building is a small church led by Pastor Leon Pace. We hold services every Sunday at 11:30. It is open to the public. We welcome all faiths. Our services are based on the Word of Christ as the foundation for expository teaching. You are invited to come and share a true worship experience where you will be touched by the Spirit of God.

Chaste Women of God
Our mission is to empower individual women to regain control of their lives after a time of devastation through prayer and teaching; and to allow the love of God to heal through each session, as the individual begins to walk in newness of life.


Word of Deliverance Fellowship Ministries does not discriminate against any person
on the basis of race, color, creed, gender, national origin, disability, religion, veteran status, or age.
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